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At JYB Employment Solutions, we drive transformative change within organizations to meet the needs of the community, residents & businesess. We utilize methods to execute fundamental changes in the systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or a business unit to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction or in strategic transformation, changing the culture of a company.  

We aim to truly understand your mission and, as a partner, take ownership of the outcome to help you achieve your goals.Our approach is a custom-designed solution, addressing your specific and unique challenges. Assessments of your organization & community needs are conducted before the training is presented. Understanding your environment, objectives and opportunities drive our pursuits.

Our customized Diversity, Inclusion and Equity employee consulting/training includes the following:


Acquiring an understanding of your management strengths, organizational culture, challenges and development areas; this involves pre-training assessments and interviews.

Prior to the training, stakeholders, residents, business owners & organization employees will complete our pre-training asessment. This assessment enables us to determine the real needs of your workplace & community.

 Post-training follow-ups designed to build soft skills for your organization & community that you serve.


In addtion to in classroom facilition, training & workshops, we also offer online courses. 



Perfect for remote teams or work-from-home employees. We bring fully interactive diversity training & workshops to a virtual environment, customized to your specific needs.

Live, instructor-lead training

100% Fully interactive

Experiential: Q&A, Games, Small Group Discussions with learning activities

Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams & more

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