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Duty to Intervene

Description: The purpose of this course is to provide peace officers with Peer Intervention Training to prevent and eliminate cultures where colleagues are violating people’s civil rights


Law Enforcement personnel want to do the right thing, but even officers with the best intentions sometimes lack the tools and moral courage to intervene effectively, safely, and without repercussion, when faced with potential police misconduct. Most officers, at some point in their career, will find themselves caught between two very unsatisfactory choices, or simply frustrated to the point of making a bad decision. A majority of law enforcement personnel are ethical. But some aren't and the law requires real-time intervention. Failure to intervene may result in termination, criminal charges, and civil rights lawsuits. Every officer must attend this course - their job, freedom and community trust depend on it.


Who Should Attend: Field Training Officers, FTO Supervisors, FTO Program Administrators/Managers, Patrol Officers, Senior Lead Officers, Supervisors, Lieutenants, Captains & Chiefs of Police, Adult & Juvenile Corrections, Field Probation Officers, Jailers, Public Safety Officers, Campus/School Police.  


Course Cost $150.00 Per Person


Course Date: December 7th, 2020 


This course can be tailored and delivered to the specific agencies as an Onsite or Regional Onsite. 

With on-site training, you can train an average of 15-30 people at one-time and forgo spending additional monies on hotel, airfare, meals and incidentals. In addition, having an on-site training allows the flexibility your facility needs to maintain operational readiness by keeping personnel on property while conducting training around  your schedule.

STC Certification #04391922 

Prerequisite: Students must be full-time, peace officers, reserve, or act under the umbrella of a law enforcement agency.

Location: 5801 E. Slauson Ave. Commerce, CA. 90040. (Garden Level)

Course Hours: 0800 - 1600

*Make all checks payable to JYB Employment Solutions. 

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Dress Code: Business Casual.

Contacts: If you are running late to the course or have other problems or questions regarding this course, please e mail our

Program Manager, at contact@jybemployment.com

****Law Enforcement Credentials will be reqired at Check-in.****



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