Employment Solutions

At JYB Employment Solutions, we utilize the follwing Automated Compliance Capabilities that are integrated into our employee screening process, which saves you time and money:


Background Investigations & Employment Screening

Digital Consent, Integrated, mobile-optimized electronic consent which in turn will avoid candidate confusion, speed up turnaround times, and helps mitigate litigation risks. Record Filtering, Customized background check results by specifying the types of records to show or hide, allowing you to focus on the records that really matter to your company. Automated Adjudication, Apply status and adjudication rules to automate background check review workflows, including the option to automatically kick off the adverse action process.

All of our investigators are state certified and former law enforcement personnel. We perform the following: Criminal Record Checks, Moral/Character Checks, Driving Record Checks, Drug Screening, Credit Checks, Education Verification, Civil Court Checks, Employment Verification, Healthcare Sanctions, Identity Verification and International Background Checks. 



Recruitment & Hiring Services

We work with job seekers to help them find the right job for their skills and experience. We have a variety of jobs available, and there are full-time, part-time, and temporary positions available. JYB Employment Solutions is the premiere, leading staffing agency in the United States. We  provide employment services and workforce solutions that are right fit for you.                         us to get started today. 


We will process employees’ paychecks accurately, administer, your benefits carefully and address your human resources needs securely. Our payroll service performs the following functions for our business’ clients: Payroll Administration will take away the hassle of completing your employee payroll and doing it accurately each time. Direct deposits or checks, job costing, garnishments and deductions, and PTO tracking are some of the tedious and complicated tasks that our payroll service happily takes over for you. Tax Payment and filing of federal taxes, state and local taxes, year-end taxes, as well as unemployment taxes. Online Payroll entry gives clients full access to employee and payroll information using state of the art systems and technology. Clients can view payroll and employee data, submit payroll via secure logins, and also available manager and employee self service. Paycard information and services is another feature of our small business payroll processing service that uses direct deposit and ATMs to allow employees easy access to their pay. Electronic Transfer of funds is highly convenient, saves time, and has several other benefits including full access to pay card information. General Ledger Interface gives easy, online access to payroll data and helps integrate payroll information with accounting systems such as QuickBooks, to eliminate problems such as double data entry and third party involvement.                        us to get started today. 

Virtual Interviewing

We also offer Virtual Interviewing as a great way to add a qualitative element to your pre-selection next to the assessment data on your candidates. Incorporating video interviewing allows you to gain a well-rounded view of each candidate right from the start of your recruitment process, while speeding up your hiring efforts. It lets you see every candidate that applies—even the remote ones from other parts of the world – without the hassle of scheduling a phone interview. You can get a sense for an applicant’s communication skills and gauge things like comprehension and critical role-specific skills from the very beginning.                         to get started today. 


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